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"Gary and the CBS staff taught us how to use budgets and forecasts to run our business more efficiently. With their assistance, it took us only two weeks to secure loans to replace our vehicle fleet."

-America's Best Transportation


"CBS has been our accounting and consulting firm since we began in 1994. CBS controlled our tremendous growth by strengthening our office and field systems as well as the staff functions. CBS also helped us secure the financing needed to grow our business."

-Servicemaster, Cleveland


"CBS has played an integral role in our company's expansion. CBS strengthened our banking relationships and helped us get bonded. They also designed our internal controls, costing methods and accounting systems. This made our bidding process more accurate and profitable."

-Alabasi Construction

Creative Business Strategies

192 East Wallings Road

Broadview Heights, Ohio, 44147

(440) 546-9359

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